Kai Philipp

Web Developer

+49 1525 9651241 - kphilipp@inquies.de - www.inquies.de - GitHub

I was born in Kiel Germany, 18.12.1972. I started programming when I was 12 years old on a Commodore VIC-20. After Gymnasium I had a nursery training over 3 years and worked for 4 years in a hospital. Then I decided to do, what I can do best: programming. My first IT-Job started with simple PHP/MySQL dating websites.

Right now my autodidactic skills also include Windows C# WPF, Linux Server Administration, Frontend and SPA programming with several JS Frameworks (mostly jQuery & vuejs), Web Automation with embedded Chromium Browser applications (C# and Electron), Cross-Platform applications with Xamarin and Cordova and native Java based mobile applications for Android.

In my free time I am maintainer and c++ Developer for www.pokerth.net.


2016 - present
Webshops/-sites with PHP/MySQL, Webautomation, UI programming with jquery and SPA programming with Angular.js/vue.js, Web Design, Linux-System Administration, C# based SMS Modem Automation, PHP Plugin Development for PHP based ERPs, wordpress, contao, joomla and phpbb, Cross-Platform and Mobile Applications
Web Developer
2014 - 2015
Mostly Web Development, Perl/Python Web-Automation and Java Application Programming - vde-media GmbH
Web Developer / Web Designer
2012 - 2013
Web Development and Web Design for dating websites - seco-energy UG
Project Manager, Web Developer
2008 - 2011
Project Management, Server Development and Remote Support for Erotic Video-Cabins - Beate Uhse AG
Web Developer / Web Designer
2004 - 2008
PHP Web-Shops and SMS-Chat dating sites - imex-solution GmbH